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Ongoing Checklist (2017 Version)
« on: July 29, 2017, 09:46:11 PM »
General Information:
  • Determine date for BSB 2017 — In progress--still awaiting response about 10/21 & asking other teams
  • Contact NEFIRST for an FTA — Lou
  • Confirm w/ DiCarlo about gym availability on 10/21 — Sandy, awaiting response
  • Find out ship cost if using pods — Lou
  • Find out if both fields are in pods in this year (last year, they were not which resulted in an exorbitant cost for shipping)Done, only one is

Set Up:
  • Inquire about set-up time & other logistics about set-up — Lou
  • Avoiding the situation w/ the carpet last year--find out if they're part of the kit, and if not, see if there are either a) freebies, b) ones we can borrow from WPI/Northeastern/etc., or c) ones we can buy (and the cost if so) — Lou
  • Create better & MORE signs for better flow control — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Confirm if tech crew can be available on chosen date — deadline TBD, unassigned

  • Finalize playlist — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Get DJ — deadline TBD, unassigned

  • Determine whether we should keep the awards the same or change themDone, 7/29; keeping the same
  • Create winner's trophy — Peter, at least 4 days before? — need to discuss
  • Ask teachers to judge — mid-September, unassigned/general task

  • Order greater supplies of donuts, diet soda, coffee cups — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Print out order forms and place them with the food table (no digital forms) — day before
  • Determine the capacity, lead time & cost of each local pizza house w/ estimate of 80 pizzas — Alexey, next meeting (date tbd)
  • Make sure to have change + dollar bills — day of

  • Create a simpler billboard design — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Create a twitter account and figure out how to display recently sent i tweets (for spectator interaction) — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Create a better geofilter (not transparent) — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Create a snapchat account, potentially, and figure out how to display recent sent in snaps (or how to use the snapchat event feature...) — deadline TBD, unassigned

Rule Changes & Displays
  • Periodically play game video & re-explain games for spectators who arrive after the opening ceremony — day of, emcees
  • Discuss potential rule changes—maybe not have one this year?; Click here for the poll. — poll results indicate let rookie drive teams' human players throw fuel into high boiler in last 15s - need to discuss

  • Decide whether to keep the scavenger hunt or not, and if so, write easier riddlesresolved 8/5, keeping
  • Write easier riddles that involve more picture taking for the scavenger hunt — unassigned, deadline TBD
  • Advertise scavenger hunt more prior to the competition — unassigned, deadline TBD
  • Determine what kid-friendly activites we should have: SnapCircuits, lego racetrack, fleetbots, others? — resolved 8/5, keeping activities from last year the same
  • Invite other teams to present — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Advertise activities more during the competition (using display, signs, etc) — day of

T-shirts, Buttons, etc.
  • Determine how many shirts to make and in what distribution — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Fix shirt design w/ updated info for 2017 — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Make clearer buttons (rookie drive team, for instance) — deadline TBD, unassigned
  • Make a BSB button? — resolved 8/5, yes; to be handed out to teams & spectators as a souvenir
  • Create design for BSB button — unassigned, deadline TBD

  • Determine more specific tasks for volunteers—help set up flooring for pits & field, help set up field, queuing support — resolved 8/5, see below list:
    • Get flooring for the large gym
    • Put flooring down in both gyms
    • Unload field parts from truck
    • Field reset—multiple shifts
    • Packing up and transporting parts back into truck
    • Queuing support
  • Contact NHS — September/October, unassigned
  • Get referees early—get Redshift alumni to come back? — resolved 8/5, yes to using Redshift alums
  • Contact Redshift alums to be refs (make sure they know the rules of the game fairly well!) — unassigned, deadline TBD
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Re: Ongoing Checklist (2017 Version)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2017, 06:54:35 PM »
Updates from August 5th meeting
  • Still awaiting a reply from DiCarlo about the date--until then, not much hard scheduling can happen.
  • Discussed trophies--Peter can make a better winner's trophy, but we will be keeping the awards the same.
  • Discussed teacher judges--determined that we will be asking Mrs. Quillen & Mrs. Rodriguez to return as judges and ask other teachers as well. Will ask mid-September.
  • Beginning to scope out how much pizza each local pizza place can make. Alexey will be contacting each pizza house w/ an estimate (80 pizzas, w/ the assumption of 20 teams ordering at most 4 pizzas each--better to shoot high). Will compare each pizza house's prices & required lead times at our next meeting.
  • Determined that we're going to create a twitter account and snapchat account so that spectators can send tweets & snaps during the competition. Needs to be created and fully set-up before the competition.
  • Discussed potential rule changes, but did not reach resolution yet. Ideas include giving an extra gear at the driver station, allowing the human player to throw fuel into the high boiler in the last 15 seconds of the game, putting a dot at the center of the field, or simply foregoing a rule change.
  • Decided to keep the scavenger hunt, but make it a) simpler, b) spruce up the prizes a little, c) display clues, and d) make a lot of the submissions require pictures so that spectators are encouraged to use the snapchat filter more.
  • Discussed activities & decided to keep the same activities as we had last year; if we have more teams sign up, we will not have as much space anyway, and kids like open space, so better to allow as much space as possible.
  • Discussed making a BSB button and decided that we will. Need to create design.
  • Discussed roles for volunteers, determined what we can have NHS volunteers helping us w/ and what is more for robotics students.
  • Discussed whether we should have Redshift alums as refs--decided yes, need to contact.

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Re: Ongoing Checklist (2017 Version)
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2017, 05:33:27 PM »
re: trophy

What did we do for the winner last year? Was it very different than the other awards? I seem to recall it was just the same award but with different text ('you won!").

Keep in mind that setting a precedence can be a problem if you don't plan on doing it that way in the future. So don't make a fancy trophy if you don't plan on repeating it each year.