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Title: Making a swerve object
Post by: Louis L on July 16, 2017, 06:16:57 PM
WPIlib does not have a built-in swerve drive object. We should take what we've done and repackage it into a generalized object and donate it to WPIlib.

Met with Matt & Brayden at Tatnuck on July 15. Meeting summary below.

Basic stuff used in our implementation:

Definitions and enums

Phase 1 - create a swerve drive module tailored for the AndyMark product. Convert our code to use it and prove it works.

Phase 2 - Generalized swerve module

In addition to above:

setgearratio ( )
setpulseperrotation ( )

Error reporting
if (mode=fieldcentric && using wrong swervedrive command)
                                     default gyro=0, report error