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Title: Northeastern University Day Robotics Presentations.
Post by: Laksh V on December 31, 2017, 06:45:19 PM
Several weeks ago, a few of us(Matthew S, Mentor Steve N, Vignesh and I) from our team attended a day long seminar at Northeastern, during their University day.
Presentation was done by Nutrons team members, FRC 125.

As someone new to FRC I personally felt it was very useful. I'd like to share some notes I took and some links to original content (at the bottom).
I think it might be useful, especially to new members and might even be a good rehash for the veteran members.

Some repeated themes:

(some) Ingredients of Success during competition day:
First 2-3 days of build season: (aka how to breakdown a game?)
Nutrons downloadable presentations are here: (

Youtube archives of the stream: (pl. note recording may be of marginal quality)

Game-breaking: How to Breakdown an FRC Game  (

Strategic Decisions for team success (

Pneumatics 101: (

The Neverending Arms Race: FRC Drivetrains

FRC Sensors and Software with WPILib

more at: Nutrons page in youtube