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Title: Post RIDE / Pre NECMP - changes, repairs, replacements & improvements
Post by: Louis L on March 29, 2016, 11:07:43 AM
Just some random thoughts.

We don't get the 6 hrs of open bag time. Instead we have a few hours on the first day to make a few quick changes before practice matches start. There will be time in-between matches (more than in a District Event due to the larger number of teams).

Hardware / mechanical changes - There are a few very important things to fix. If we can do the first three, we'll be good to go.
Software - We've been running LabVIEW at both WPI and RIDE. We need to get Java and C++ up and running so that we can deploy one of them at NECMP. We can still deploy LabVIEW if needed but we should try to get one of the other 2 languages up if possible.
Other random stuff -