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Robot Software / Re: Hardware interface map
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 17, 2018, 07:08:06 PM »
PDP Port for New Intake Motor - 2
Robot Software / Re: Hardware interface map
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 17, 2018, 02:45:19 PM »
PDP Port for Gripper -> 7
PDP Port for Wrist -> 3
Robot Hardware / Re: Ribbon cable that services the limit switches on the arm
« Last post by Louis L on February 16, 2018, 09:43:33 PM »
I messed up while attaching the cable to the limit switches.
The table above has been changed to reflect my error.
Robot Software / Re: Robot Hardware Testing Tasks
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 16, 2018, 06:57:35 PM »
Master List of Tasks for Testing:

  • Make sure all joystick buttons work properly:
    • Check if left trigger on controller makes intake motors move at different speeds
    • button 8 -> flush intake
  • Check that intake lowers after timeout
  • Determine appropriate values for all speeds:
    • Raise Speed
    • Lower Speed
    • Roller Speed
    • Varied Roller Speed
    • New intake motor speeds
  • Check pulling straight in and pulling cube from one side or the other (toggle and values)

  • Check values for:
    • Abs encoders
    • PID parameter values
    • Timeout
    •   Min Speed for Robot in CalculateSonarDistance command
    • Max distance robot can be from the wall before it stops adjusting *lower priority (MAX_ADJUST)
    • Angle tolerance for rotation
    • max speed and min speed in RotateAngle
  • Check toggle for field centric and robot centric

  • Check values for:
    • Level Max, Min, and Motion speed
    • Current max value
    • Open and close speed
    • angle up and down speed for wrist
    • value of gyro when wrist is level
    • tolerance for gyro value for level wrist
  • Check that wrist can fold back at different angles
  • Check that wrist stays level at different positions
  • Check that gripper limit switches work
  • Check that gripper can handle cube at different positions
  • Check gyro recalibration

  • Test finetuning for whole range of motion of arm
  • test that arm does not cross 16 in boundary
  • Determine correct values for the following:
    • PID parameters for extension and arm
    • margin values for position and arm
    • potentiometer values for arm at home, intake, exchange, switch, lowscale, highscale, min and max
    • pot values for extension at home, intake, min and max
    • finetune rate
    • critical angle range and margins for fixed angle strat
    • max distance and distance margin for linearmovestrat
  • test that the different strategies work

  • determine values for:
    • speed constants in AutoAction()
    • local switch and scale speed
    • distance to middle of switch, lane, and scale
    • auto run distance
    • travel through switch, across switch
    • lane to scale
    • distance from wall
  • Scale and switch commands with robot on right and left, and aligned and pointed slightly left and right
  • Test Baseline
  • Do Left Switch and Right Switch from center positions

Other Stuff:
  • Get current stall values for:
    • Intake motors
    • Arm motors
  • Check joystick buttons
Robot Software / Re: Arm Strategy Graphs
« Last post by BatChen Z on February 15, 2018, 10:35:13 PM »
Added the charts as images:
Robot Hardware / Re: Ribbon cable that services the limit switches on the arm
« Last post by Xilonen VG on February 14, 2018, 10:30:32 PM »
There are two ribbon cables that run from the gripper end all the way to the logic board, the edge that is read is index for wire 1.

(cable with Red index)
1, 2 Cube touch DIO-0
3, 4 Gripper closed reverse
5, 6 Gripper open forward
7, 8 Wrist down reverse
9, 10  Wrist up forward
11, 12 Climber DIO-4

(cable with black index)
13, 14 arm rotation limit up reverse
15, 16 arm rotation limit down forward
17, 18 extension limit far reverse
19, 20 extension limit near forward
Robot Software / Re: Task Breakdown
« Last post by Matt S on February 14, 2018, 09:03:18 PM »
Next thing that we need to do for testing purposes is to allow most of the constants used throughout program to be modified through smart dashboard.  This will help us by being able to change constants like speed and PID on the fly, as well as to not damage robot components.
Robot Software / Arm Strategy Graphs
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 14, 2018, 08:59:12 PM »
These are the charts and plots we made for the arm length and extension length for our three strategies:
1. Linear Move (keeps the arm consistently at the 16 inch boundary within a certain angle range)
2. Fixed Angle (makes the extension fully retracted by default during that angle range)
3. Cube Position (changes the extension length depending on where you're dropping off the cube)

Robot Software / Re: Robot Hardware Testing Tasks
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 14, 2018, 07:07:43 PM »
Order for Testing Items:
  • Try wiring using Live Window and add all basic commands to SmartDashboard
  • Basics of Autonomous: MIN_SPEED, MAX_SPEED, Baseline
  • Intake Testing: lowering, raising, flush
  • Arm Testing: determine PID values for rotation and extension length, check that arm is always within 16 in boundary for full range of motion, check that extension length changes right when outside of "critical angle" range (exchange to high scale).
  • Claw Testing: test folding and lowering wrist, limit switches for gripper and wrist, keeping claw level while arm moves
  • Climber Testing: rung detection cases (setup complete, setup incomplete), extension cases and requirements, climber sonar distance

Feel free to add on.
Robot Software / Re: Task Breakdown
« Last post by Vanshika C on February 14, 2018, 06:46:19 PM »
Task list and status of the Arm mechanism software:
1. Validate geometry assumptions: This was done with Ed, and it looks like the Final arm assembly will be partially extended in the cube pickup position and would need to be retracted before it can move to other positions. Software would need to accommodate retracting to not violate rules (prior to arm changes, it was going to be fully retracted at pickup). This task is done
2. Basic commands (command building blocks to control individual pieces of the arm/extension/claw): done, not tested
3. Extension mode programming: Math and strategies for arm extension have been discussed. Arm extension strategies implementation is done, testing for strategies is done.
4. Manual operation of arm: This would included the fine tuning of the arm manually up and down including the extension controls, using the joystick. This is done
5. PID controls for arm stall current: this will apply PID logic to the arm up/down motor to keep arm from sagging. Implementation is done though not yet verified in real life
6. Gyro programming: This would add mode to the claw movement to put it in horizontal position. Done, not tested.
7. Claw modes: done
8. Stall current detection: Add stall current detection to motors as necessary. Not done
9. Change Software PID to hardware PID for arm and extension to accommodate new wiring of POT. done

External dependencies and unknowns:
- PID testing to see if arm can be kept in place (if this is not working as expected user control through stick is planned)
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