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Activities during the competition
« on: September 13, 2016, 07:06:55 PM »
Hi guys,

Here is what we've decided so far for activities which will be occurring during the competition.
  • Scavenger hunt - begins at opening ceremony, ends at playoffs
  • Freeze bots - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, see Proposed Schedule
  • Frisbee competition - lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, see Proposed Schedule
  • Trick-or-treating - all day; the teams bring in candy and keep it in their pits. We should also have some candy at the pit admin desk for any teams who forgot.
  • Legos - same time as freeze bots; we will need supervisors babysitting the kids there to make sure they don't get hurt. I'm pretty sure the people who are watching the freeze bots can also watch the Legos station. We need to get the legos by 10/24

Scavenger hunt:
     After lots of discussion, we decided that the scavenger hunt will be done the following way: starting from the Opening Ceremony (8:30 AM), the first clue will be read out to the crowd and written on the easel near the pit admin (or MC) desk. Every subsequent half-hour, a new clue will be announced. The easel will be updating accordingly so if a team misses the announcement, they can check the easel to see what the clue was. This will continue until the play-offs, at which point the teams submit their answers and my faithful minions and I will go through them to determine which team wins. Since the clues will be a riddle ultimately asking you to do something (i.e. take a picture with a rookie team), the submissions will be pictures or notes (if the answer to a riddle is a specific word/phrase).

Action items for the scavenger hunt:
  • Write up some riddles. We need 12 - 14 riddles; these should be targeted to making teams interact with each other. I will post some examples in a little bit. We need a rough draft of the riddles done by 9/24 and the final by 10/1
  • Decide what the prize for winning is. This could be an award but I'm not sure. We can discuss it at our next meeting.
  • Figure out a better way to submit items. With the current arrangement, all of the submissions will be put in right before play offs. Even if we have only one member from a team submit it, we need to figure out how they will do it. If it's a picture, will they show it to us on their phone? That would imply that we need to check off each team individually, which would take a lot of time and cause a big line in the pit. I think there's a better way to gather all the submissions in the end.

Freeze bots:
     I've delegated this task to Anthony, so he could probably explain this better. We are going to be using Ardunio microcontrollers and making 6 robots with the Sparkfun chassises we found in Steffen's box of fun. However, there's only five of them so we'll need to get one more. We're using smartphones for Bluetooth controllers, possibly the Kindles if they have Bluetooth 4.0+, which I think they do. As I said, Anthony knows more about this than me.

Action items for freeze bots:
  • Order all necessary parts. We have to figure out whether we're using the Kindles or smartphones in order to test and code but before then we can at least construct the bots. We need these parts by 9/24
  • Build. We can get some of the sophomores and the upperclassmen not involved in the planning committee to help out with this.
  • Code and test the bots.
Other thoughts:
We may want to have some our laptops there at the Legos station so kids who don't get a chance to do freeze bots can play with Scratch or something.
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