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TO DO list
« on: January 21, 2017, 11:21:49 AM »
Here's a list of things that need to get done. It's pretty long. Teams should try and pick off things that may be hard to figure out early on and get as much parallel development as possible.

  • 1 motor quad encoder swerve motor - get 1 motor to work right
  • 1 motor absolute encoder swerve motor - get 1 motor to work right
  • 4 motor swerve - decide which feedback method to use and apply it to 4 wheels
  • rebuild wooden frame to practice chassis to match real robot size
  • finish practice chassis. Cleanup wiring. Add weight. Give to drivers  This is pretty much done. The drivers don't have it yet but it's ready for use. Could use some more weight I guess but that's hard to add given the setup.
  • make software testbed  It's up to date (so far as we know it). Will keep adding/removing as necessary.
  • test Sparkfun ultrasonic sensor
  • test pixy interface - how to get info from pixy camera (serial? SPI?, etc) What's the data look like?
  • test velocity sensing for shooter wheel (N/A)
  • define user interface
  • define autonomous modes (there is a list but we need to trim it down to size)
  • test autonomous driving command with swerve motors and IMU. Look for accuracy.
  • Gear placement maneuvering with sensors - write code to auto-adjust based on ultrasonic sensors and pixy camera data....
  • ... than finish it off with actually placing the Gear
  • Write code to parse user inputs
  • Write code to handle Climber
  • Write code to handle Dumpster
  • Write code to handle Intake
  • Write code for autonomous modes
  • Write custom driver station dashboard, if necessary
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