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Intake mechanism

Started by Stav Z, January 16, 2016, 02:51:35 PM

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Stav Z

Day 2: Finished Mock version of the intake, first roller works well, but the second is too close. We should probably have it adjustable so we can find the perfect distance. Click https://youtu.be/jly_8Xjwx_Q to see a video showing the problem in more detail than I can explain

Ed B

It looks like the bottom roller is tending to pull the ball into the space between the rollers and away from the bumper once the top roller grabs it.  It might help to pay more attention to the relative RPM of the rollers along with the spacing and position relative to the bumper.

Pablo C

Elise C

We found out that we all hate and are bad at geometry. Our ball intake is also going to be a stabilizer for the climber, port cullis lifter, and a cheval de frise crosser mechanism. We decided that the pivot point connecting the top axel to the actual robot will be mounted on some metal plating we need to make to cover the gear box. To accomplish all of this, we'll need 3 motors, 3 lever switches, and 1 rotary thing I can't remember the rest of the name of and at least 3 sensors. The drawing pictures are apparently too large of a file size, I'll figure it out tomorrow. Basically, stabilizer only needs to extend 14 inches above the robot. Drawings are on the table with the prototype if you go tomorrow.

Elise C

Some of the earlier drawings

Elise C

Scale drawing, one box is equal to 2 inches, black box in the middle is the gearbox.

Aliza M

The attachment has the parts we need to use on the intake.

Stav Z

today, we worked on the shopping list, and I specifically worked on the measurements for the motor mount, which are in the box of our stuff(note that the four holes in the corners are for 1/8 inch screws).

Ed B

Note that the gear  motors you are using have a 2.5cm square hole pattern and the holes are threaded for 4mm screws. We have the screws with the robot lifter stuff. Also...

There is no such thing as 1/8 inch screws. The closest in SAE screws would be 6-32 which is about 9/64" or in this case 4mm.

The middle hole for this gear motor is just over an inch...1.03 if I remember right. See me if you need to make mounts for these motors. Getting the holes in the right place and the right size is tricky.

Jameel G

Parts are being ordered for the intake system

We can still build some small parts for the intake system though like the motor mounts and braces and the arm.
Also, yesterday we were looking at sensors to put on the intake like optical sensors and considering using a sensor to measure how far the arm is moving and how fast such as a petentiometer or a rotary encoder.


Kyle S

Completed parameters for the intake frame in CAD, and almost completed the mount. Both are in the temp folder.

Jameel G

Parts List Email:

This is what we need for the assembly:
1x RS 755 motor with PG71 gear box ( we have 1  already, but I want a spare)
2x AM-9015 motor with PG27 gear box (we have one, I need another one and
want a spare.

sprockets: (all 25series)
1x am-2182 (16teeth, 10mm keyed, hubbed)
1x am-0280 (22 teeth 1/2" keyed, hubbed)
2x am-0277 (16 teeth, 1/2" keyed, hubbed)
2x am-0236 (48 teeth, plate)

2x am-2182 (16 teethm 10mm keyed, hubbed)
2x am-0803 (16 teeth 3/8" bore, no key)

1x 1/2" keyed shaft, 24 inches
100"  series roller chain
12x links for series 25 roller chain  (or so...)

aluminum: 96" x 6" x 1/4"

    8x am-0803 (16 teeth 3/8" bore, no key)

    2X am-2648 4" rubber thread wheel (unless we have old ones that we can
    reuse, I want to stick them undriven on a 3/8 shaft which means to
    increase the size of the bore slightly .)

We already have 2 each of the 4 inch at 60 and 50 durometer (black and
blue variants). The one you selected is 77 and would be pretty hard. The
60 is already pretty hard. If you want to grip stuff, I'd go with the
50. So unless you really want the 77 (grey model), we can just use what
we already have.

    3x am-0029  bearing 1/4 thick, /1/5" inner diameter
    10-32 bolts, high strength, flat heads (with corresponding nuts)

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Pablo C

Today we made three motor mounts. We also cut out the arm and the hand frames. We talked to software and decided we will have two limit switches and a potentiometer. We also figured out hole placement for the arm sprockets and ate cupcakes.

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Jameel G


-Finish Frame Work by Tuesday

-Finish Intake Assembly by Friday

Kyle S

Made necessary adjustments in CAD, determined new arm positioning