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Robot Climber

Started by Anthony W, January 16, 2016, 03:36:17 PM

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Anthony W

Finalized the design for the robot climber grabber, which is a hook that fits loosely around the bar and uses a magnet to secure the grip. We decided to use to nylon to pull the robot up after the tape measure delivers the hook to the bar.

Anthony W

Much progress was made. We built 1/2 of the scissor life, or 2 X's, and tapped their holes to make nice bearings so that the scissor life moves easily.. Then, we attached the 2 X's to the Igis part. We decided to mount the hooks by placing another Igis part on top of the X. We also decided to center the scissor life on the Igis parts by attaching pieces of 1/8 inch aluminum to connect the point 1.4 along the X to the center of the Igis part. The hooks will be mounted on the top Igis part, and a single motor in the center of the bottom Igis part should control the scissor lift.

We still need to design the system that lifts the robot after the scissor lift delivers the hook, and figure the actual geometry of the scissor lift so we can CAD it.

Anthony W

We built the motor mount for the PG71 gear motor that drives the lead screw, and we finally finalized the measurements for the bottom of the scissor lift. Currently building the pieces to mount the scissor lift and motor on the Igis part.

Louis L

After the scissor lift delivers the climbing hooks to the rung, and the winch starts, what happens to the lift?
Does it disengage from the lead screw?
Does software have to slowly bring it back down at the same rate as the winch is raising the robot?
What prevents the climbing action from destroying the lift?

Anthony W

A lot of progress was made today; Only one more hole drilled and tapped and we can assemble the entire lower half of the scissor lift! I'm not going to be there on Friday, but we should be planning out the design for the top half of the scissor lift, and figuring out exactly how the hooks are going to fit on the top Igis part, which still is not started.

Ben H

Hey guys, sorry that I didn't post this last night, I forgot  :P
Yesterday, me and Dhruv did a lot of assembling. We changed all the screws on the lift itself, as well as mounted the lift onto the plates that will hold the motors. We were also able to successfully drill the hole on to where the lift will center itself, and mounted the piece of metal to that too. We didn't talk at all about making the hooks or the top half of the lift yet, so we should probably figure that out soon.

Anthony W

Immaculate work was done today. The bottom half of the scissor lift is completely finished, and we're almost done with our design of the rest of the scissor lift. We should begin building the top half of the scissor lift.

Anthony W

The rollers were installed, and we began to attach magnets and we figured out the placement of limit switches.

Anthony W

We mounted both magnets and drilled the holes to mount the limit switches on the hook. We tested the scissor lift, and it turns out the motor is strong enough to lift the scissor lift from 0 degrees. In fact, the motor is so strong that we need to add more bracing to the front of the scissor lift.

Once we attached the magnets, we tested the scissor lift on the bar, and it works great. :)