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Started by Zach G, January 16, 2016, 04:38:45 PM

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Zach G

The Chassis the base frame of a Robot

1/14/16 -- 15/16 Made a mock Chassis with wheels.
1/16/16 Made CAD design and looked at parts

Megan K


We made progress on building the chassis from parts we had in the CAD Dropbox and from parts online.  We have the pneumatic wheels already in the drawing, it's just a matter of putting the rest of it together.  There is already a completed version of what the chassis should look like on the AndyMark website.  We just need to make our own assembly so we can modify it to our liking.

We are missing a few pieces. We will have to make them ourselves.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

-CAD Team

Megan K


Continued working on the chassis. They can be found on Wes' Dropbox.  Wheels are in, pulleys are built but need to be assembled. Also, we need to assemble a lot of the bearings.  I'll be in Thursday to continue working on it.



Zach G



   [th]Position A[/th]
   [th]Position B[/th]
   [th]Position C[/th]
Works the best
less space between the wheels. questioning front end
little mor room and the Wheels are mor in front. does get traped on a few thingsToo spread apart
Gets stuck
Not using
very little help at all. Maybe for rock wall but gets stuck on other things like rough terrain.

Tried to make a table on this forum but had a Hard time and this is what it created

--- 1/26/16 Update. I've taken the above content and made a table (Lou) --

Position A   |  Works the best. Less space between the wheels. Questioning front end
Position B   |  Little more room and the wheels are more in front. Does get trapped on a few things
Position C   |  Too spread apart. Gets stuck. Not using
Wedge   |  Very little help at all. Maybe for rock wall but gets stuck on other things like rough terrain.

Zach G

1/20/16 Put Grease in the Gear boxes and put it back to gether.

Kyle S

We figured out how to easily make a CAD model of the chassis! We downloaded and collected all the necessary files, and now we have to finish putting it together.

Zach G


Wonjae started bumpers

Peter N

SO I FINISHED THE WHEEL. so all the wheels are done, that is all

Wonjae J

Finished countersinking the holes for the bolts on the underside of the chassis so we don't get stuck on anything.
Made the wooden frame for the bumpers and can easily cut pool noodles to the right length. Can't put any attachments on yet. Easier if we wait until all other teams are finalized with their designs so we can work around their stuff when screwing on mounting plates. Nothing else started for tomorrow.

Ed B

Good idea waiting for the attachment points until the other systems are finalized. But having a temporary way to slip on the bumpers for quick eyeball checking could be useful

Megan K


Assembling the Chassis currently. Peter says it should be finished tomorrow. Also, Kyle figured out how to make the intake arm in CAD.

Aidan A

Yesterday we added the pulleys and pulleys extensions on all six wheels.

Zach G


Switched out Gear ratios and going to do the same thing tomorrow. took apart the chassis.

Peter N

Chassis CAD model thing is complete

Zach G

Grinned another set of gears and put the original set back in the gear box
Started to put together the chassis but still need a few parts