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TO-DO List 2.0

Started by Lucas V, March 15, 2017, 07:41:39 PM

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Lucas V

Despite the lack of updates during the past week, the original To-Do list was pretty successful overall. All objectives for the android apps were completed, most of the objectives for Tableau and the java app were completed, and almost all required objectives for the database were completed. Now with the week and a half we have to RI DE, it's time to make this system as bulletproof as possible, and to apply suggested changes to the system.

What is still incomplete in the old list was either not touched at all or we were unable to complete and implement successfully in time for WPI DE.

For reference, triple dashes denote a critical objective, and single dashes denote regular objectives. Arrows denote conditional branches based on the preceding objective.

Here's the new list:

--- Get a second set of laptops/batteries for data collection (laptops)
        -> If laptops:
                --- Charge all batteries
                - Determine average lifetime of new batteries

                - Install Android (Cyanogenmod) on the new laptops
                - Install Bluetooth File Transfer and set up pairing and OPP
                - Install Android apps and properly configure
        -> If batteries:
                --- Charge all batteries
                - Determine average lifetime of new batteries

--- Find a faster procedure to transfer from all laptops in between matches so that no matches are skipped
--- Teach the drive team to use and read the pre-canned graphs in Tableau (including updating)
- Teach someone in the drive team to use and read the pre-canned queries in MySQL Shell
- Teach someone in the drive team to use the windows app's prescouting form visualizer
- Teach someone in the drive team to use the windows app's average form visualizer
- Implement incentives to keep scouts scouting (make scouting more fun)

--- Decide whether to use the data from WPI DE in RI DE (No)
        -> If yes:
                --- Dump all data from teams that will not be at RI DE
                - Find a way to differentiate the data by District Event
        -> If no:
                --- Dump all match scouting forms from WPI DE (keep prescouting forms)

--- Redesign the rating view for use with this year's items
- Create/implement an OPR calculation
- Create/implement an algorithm that looks for keywords in text records
- Create a script that matches teams to our team and ranks them
- Create a stored procedure, view, function, or query that returns a form of averages/medians

--- Fix the prescouting form visualizer
- Allow the user to set the folder to watch
- Allow the user to set the database connection string
- Make an average form visualizer (average/median the data from all forms for a team and display them)
- Add other stats to the average form (standard deviation/IQR, true proportion w/ confidence level, etc.)

--- Decide whether to send null records every time or not (currently doesn't) (no)
        -> If yes:
                --- Change the pre-canned queries and graphs in Tableau accordingly

--- Decide whether to keep the comment block filter or not (yes)
        -> If yes:
                --- prevent the filter from blocking legitimate words (ex. blocking shots because it contains 'hots')
                - Implement the comment block filter in the prescouting app
                - Add keywords to the comment block filter
                - Add prevention against creative methods to include restricted keywords
        -> If no:
                --- Remove the comment block filter and its part in the config file from the match scouting app

--- Fix the contradiction with the auto starting location checkboxes in the prescouting app
--- Change the "Did they show up" checkbox in the match scouting app so that it doesn't need to be checked every time
--- Delete the auto pilot rating
--- Fix the problem with the prescouting app where the first form in a transfer is discarded
--- Implement state save in the prescouting app
--- Implement the archiving system in the prescouting app
--- Include 4048 in the list of teams so that we may scout ourselves
- Implement the archive dump in the match scouting app
- Implement the archive dump in the prescouting form
- Change the extraneous team and file i/o error messages to be more reasonable
- Change the keyword check to passively delete keywords instead of restricting them
- Apply key bindings to select form actions
- Add more methods to prevent loss of forms (ex. override other activity life cycle methods)

- Ask the drive team what other graphs they would like to see and pre-can them
- Beautify graphs
- Pre-can a graph for the view

--- Find out who is definitely going to all days of competition and who will be subs
--- Divide the scouts into teams and determine subs
--- Find out how many matches there will be at RI DE
--- Assign teams to matches
--- Find out which teams are at RI DE
--- Update the list of teams in the android apps accordingly