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Robot Name!

Started by Louis L, December 11, 2016, 06:26:02 PM

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Louis L

We're not there yet, but let's not forget to name out 'bot!

Louis L


Box-on-wheels (hey, that's all it really is!)


Rakesh V

Drew Z

Stav Z

         ( ' : . )`
         ||   ||
         ||   ||
         ""   ""

Dhruv R

I think Gazlowe would be the best name. But I'm also ok with Shaq-bot

Zach G

Hungry, hungry dump-truck

Swervey Hippo

T. T. O. D. D. (Tonka Truck of Destined Destruction)

Louis L

After seeing how well the intake ingests balls....

Popped Corn
Colonel Cooker

Pablo C

I heard many talk about "Satis" at WPI.