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Fall classes and activities

Started by Louis L, October 07, 2016, 12:08:40 PM

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Louis L

This list is a collection of the classes and activities so students can do one-stop shopping. The actual dates and times for classes are normally sent via email and on Google calendar.

NameWhat to bring
Mechanical Design. This class is for those students who want to be involved in the actual design and implementation of the physical robot. It is a 2-day class and you must attend both days.Notebook
Project Management. How do finish a robot in 6 weeks? How do we stay on track? What happens if we run out of time? Making decisions at the right time is incredibly important. Notebook
LabVIEW. This is one of the 3 programming languages we can use to program our robot. Unlike C++ and Java, LabVIEW is a graphical programming language that still contains the traditional constructs of procedural languages. LabVIEW is ideally suited for non-programmers. The languages is widely used in command and control environments. It is easy to learn and very powerful.Notebook

Louis L

I dropped the ball on maintaining this list. For the sake of completeness, here is the full list of classes we offered this Fall pre-season:

Mechanical Design
Machine Shop Skills
Project Management
Software and Robot Programming
Robot Software in C++ and Java
Anatomy of a Robot
Awards (not a class; planning session)
Arcadia (not a class; discussion on improving Arcadia)
Bay State Brawl (not really a class - meetings leading up to the competition)
Scouting Software (not a class; discussions on improving software)
CPR training
Embedded programming
Basic First Aid