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Started by Louis L, May 03, 2017, 04:31:07 PM

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Louis L

This post-season class is intended to be primarily a fun construction project (who doesn't like BASS!). But in the spirit of STEM, there will still be science and engineering involved. The end goal is for each participant to build a custom subwoofer to suit their needs (size, cost, power handling, etc.)

Louis L

The schedule for this class is as follows:

Monday May 22 - Thursday May 25 (or shorter if we get it done sooner)
Note - you can't miss classes because each relies on the previous class. By the end of the week, each student will have a design that is custom designed for their specific needs.

  • The science of sound reproduction
  • Listening
  • Designing a subwoofer for a system
  • Run simulations
[Skip the week after due to graduation and other school activities. This also gives time for the parts we order to arrive]

Monday Jun 5 - Friday June 9 (or shorter if we get done sooner)

  • Build, Test, Measure and Tweak.
Building a proper box can take some time. Hopefully we'll be able to finish the core of each box. Any additional finishing of the exterior, if not done in these 5 days, can be done at home.

Louis L

Summary - Saty, Peter and Stav each built a subwoofer using 12 inch drivers. They each used a different driver plus a plate amp and an MDF box. Each had a volume over 3 cubic feet and dual vents and overall F3 (half power response) in the mid to upper 20's. In-room response should be very respectable. We played some sample music and rocked the workroom!

Here's the slide deck for the classroom material: