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Button Mapping

Started by Pablo C, November 10, 2017, 10:30:21 AM

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Pablo C

When you get a chance, do you mind telling me where each button maps to?

Louis L

Here's the mapping for the 2 joysticks

Left  Joystick
  Up:  'R'
  Down: 'F'
  Left: 'D'
  Right: 'G'

Right Joystick
  Up: up arrow key
  Down: down arrow key
  Left: left arrow key
  right: right arrow key

The 2 small square buttons on the left side of the panel. These are normally the 1-coin and 2-coin sensors
  Left red button: '5'
  Right red button: '6'

The 1 and 2 player start buttons (white with human stick figure)
  Left 1 player button: '1'
  Right 2 player button: '2'

I'm NOT positive about the rest of these - need further testing to confirm.
Buttons from left to right.
  On left, <color?> button: 'X'
  In middle, <color?> button: left shift key
  On right, red button: 'Z'
  On right, green button: space
  On right, left orange button: left alt key
  On right, right orange button: left ctrl key

Pablo C

Coin 1: 5
Coin 2: 6

Player 1: 1
Player 2: 2

Left Joystick:
Up: R
Left: D
Down: F
Right: G

Right Joystick:
Up: Up
Left: Left
Down: Down
Right: Right

Left Blue: X
Right Blue: Left Shift

Red: Z
Green: Space
Left Orange: Left Alt
Left Control: Left Control