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Getting the trackball to work with MAME

Started by Louis L, November 19, 2017, 04:24:57 PM

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Louis L

Documenting this here so that we don't have to re-learn it.

The trackball console acts as a mouse via the Ultimarc OptiPac USB converter. This converter drives the opto sensor on the Happ trackball and converts trackball movements into a USB mouse.

When connected to the MAME laptop, the trackball mouse works on the desktop but not in MAME by default. To change that,

  • Run MAME without a game argument. This puts you into MAME screen where you can select games to execute.
  • Hit <tab> to selet the Configure Options menu.
  • Use arrow keys in the popup "Settings" menu to select "Device Mapping". Hit <enter>.
  • Under "Trackball Device Assignment", set it to "mouse".
That's it.