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Started by Louis L, January 17, 2018, 03:23:47 PM

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Louis L

While looking at the PM Timeline, I started thinking about what's missing. It's one thing to put down tasks for each of the subsystems but it seemed to me that there were other important things that need to be part of the overall planning. So here are some items I'd like to see accounted for.

  • User Interface. This is likely a moving target that will eventually gel. But we need something in order to go beyond the drive-train in the coding timeline.
  • (Resolved 1/23/18) Hardware and parts. We need to identify what parts will be used on the robot for what task. Then we need to connect them to the roboRio and define those connections. Again, this will take us past the drive-train.
  • Autonomous modes. We usually do this later in the sw dev process but thinking ahead helps us determine what hardware and software components we may need.

Louis L

Had a very productive meeting last night where the hw team presented their robot design. This gives SW the basic layout of what parts are being used and how they will be used. There are still parts missing such as the actual usage of the parts; that will come with the UI design.