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LabVIEW progress report

Started by Louis L, January 14, 2018, 11:57:29 PM

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Louis L


Harshith implemented the Intake Thread and I integrated it into the rest of the code.
All subsystems now have their own thread and command set. This will make it easier to divide the code tasks into small chunks that are easier to manage. The side effect is that code footprint (number of files, etc) is larger though more legible in many ways.

Louis L


Not much progress to report in recent days. We're behind schedule.
Today I added the Extension Thread to monitor the arm extension.

We had a meeting on Autonomous.
We also found out that our basic understanding of how the arm/gripper/wrist system works is wrong! And we found out that the Arm can't hold it's position once power is cut. This has some nasty consequences and I'm rethinking the entire UI and command set.

Louis L


Tested LabView drivetrain to see if it acts the same as the other languages where there is some weird problem with a drive session ending with a wheel at a right angle and then failing to start up properly after a system restart.