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Scouting Progress Report

Started by Shreya C, January 16, 2018, 02:39:46 PM

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Shreya C

1/14 - 1/15

Finished the XML layout for the overall and match scouting forms. This year, we've decided to have two scouting forms: one match scouting for that is team-specific and another overall scouting form for a seventh scout that is more general, tracking alliance-interactions like ownership changes, power up uses, and penalties. This information will be collated.

I've committed the overall scouting form to the team Github and will upload a picture of it here.

Shreya C


Major design decisions made.

We were trying to set up the database on my computer (macOS) and we found out that one of the principal classes used to detect transfers of files, WatchService, isn't implemented for macOS yet. So we've decided that we're going to implement new Threads instead, which should be a more robust solution. We're going to add two threads to the existing threads: one thread that checks for a USB mounted, and reads any mounted USBs for text files and breaks down and transfers any forms found in these USBs to the database. and one thread that checks the Desktop for any transferred text files, which it also then then breaks down and transferrs to the database.

Our next steps are to start implementation of the threads and continue to work on the java back-end for the forms, since the layouts are almost complete.