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Pre-WPI punch-list - Robot Access Time only

Started by Louis L, February 21, 2018, 03:07:14 PM

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Louis L

Please use this topic to list things that you want to address during the 6 hr Robot Access Time.

Saharsh Y

There are a lot of rough and protruding edges on the robot. Unless we file, we probably won't be able to pass inspection. Relisted on 2/26 below

Louis L


  • Install Gripper/Wrist assembly 2/25
  • Replace 1/2 inch shaft 2/25
  • More practice by Drive Team; see if Open Mesh radio fails
  • Test any new software
       - one crucial piece to test is grabbing the Cube from the starting position during Autonomous
  • Add pinch-guard on arm Relisted on 2/26 below
  • Protect Talon SRX on logic board from the flexible cable on the arm Relisted on 2/26 below
  • Check robot weight again Relisted on 2/26 below

Ed B

Rearrange sprocket and chain spreader to reduce bending torque on new shaft 2/25

Add bearing to middle of large sprocket 2/25

Replace torque transfer shaft 2/25

Shield intake limit switches 2/25

ohad z

Software improvement and testing:

  • Speed improvement of wrist
  • Start intake wheels sooner
  • Fine tune arm angles (e.g. exchange is way too high)
  • Add additional wrist position (horizontal)
  • Logging optimization: remove calls that clog the file

ohad z

Radio needs to be mounted

Radio was replaced because of commas loss. New radio keyholes are broken so it is duct-taped in place. Need to mount properly

Louis L

Remaining things to-do after 4hr RAT

  • fix limit switch on gripper opener
  • weigh robot
  • install arm shield
  • file sharp edges
  • check cube detect switch on chassis. One seems to be poorly aligned
  • hot glue wrist gyro in place
  • add 2 4-40 screws to secure roborio expansion board
  • shield 2 SRX boards