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Mario hat prototype
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:49:31 PM »

So over the weekend Becky and Michelle worked on the hat prototypes and they designed two different types of hats. The hat in the second picture is harder to make and it didn't really match the design of a Mario hat since it looked more like a baseball cap. The hat in the first and third picture was really easy to make and it looked nicer since it matched the Mario hat design a bit more. It only took Becky about 30 minutes to create the hat. We also talked about having different color hats for each of the teams instead of patches. Mechanical would be red, Electrical could be green, CAD/software would be yellow, and all other teams would be purple. These colors for each team are still up for debate but we definitely use red,green, yellow, and purple.

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Re: Mario hat prototype
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Are there images? I don't see any.