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People attending the Load-in day (day before the 2 day competition)

Started by Louis L, February 09, 2018, 11:35:27 AM

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Louis L

Our District Events are 3 days on paper but really have 2 days of actual competition. The first day is really just 5 hrs whereby a team can set up their pit, do some work on their robot, get it inspected and maybe get on the field to tune/align/calibrate/test/practice.

This year, no team will have their autonomous L/R message processing tested in-house prior to the competition. The only way to test it will be at a week-zero event or during load-in. This makes the load-in even more important.

People who need to be at the Load-in (not in any order)

  • Drive team (Peter, Isha, Sarah, Xilonen, Matt)
  • Software team (Ben K, Matt)
  • Pit setup (Zach)
  • Other (Stav)