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Basic rules and guidelines

Started by Louis L, January 01, 2016, 07:02:32 PM

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Louis L

There are several purposes for using this forum. One is to enable group members to communicate with other members of their group. Another is to serve as an archive for future reference. Group members should

  • describe what they did
  • describe what they did not do
  • why did they something
  • why they did not do something
It is as important to describe the train of thought as it is to describe the final action. The goal is to minimize uncertainty between group members and put everyone on the same page as quickly as possible.

Conversation Threads
Most bulletin boards are littered with tons of topics and it can become difficult to find information. So as a rule, let's keep the number of threads to a minimum. If there's no need to start a new thread, don't.

Keep up-to-date
Look at each board for new postings. If there are any, please read them. Check out topics you may not be involved in so that you stay on top everything.

Please keep discussions civil and language clean. Be courteous. Practice gracious professionalism.

Good practices

Do not post links unless absolutely necessary. Links come and go all over the internet and are therefore not all that good for archival purposes. If you need to link to a document, it's better to download it and add it here as an attachment.

Links to a student's Google doc is also bad. Student accounts are deleted after graduation so again the link will go dead.