Author Topic: Be careful when using Anderson Pxx connectors  (Read 853 times)

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Be careful when using Anderson Pxx connectors
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:44:19 PM »
For the 2018 Power Up game, we're using Anderson's P30 and P45 connectors for the first time. While these are very nice to use, they also have drawbacks and can cause some real issues if not used carefully.

  • No soldering needed which makes replacing wiring easier (no need for a wall outlet and hot tools). Just need wire cutter and crimping tool.
  • Crimping tool is super easy to use, especially the P45 size.
  • P30 and P45 both share the same outer shell but have different inner sizes to suit the wire gauge used.
  • Looks great when done. No ugly shrink wrap.
  • Connectors can be locked together - but it's not always recommended!
But be very careful:
  • It can be very difficult to correctly insert a P30 crimped wire into the shell. If you don't do it right, it will pull out. I use a screwdriver (or similar tool) to press it in until it clicks. This is not easy.
  • The P45 is easier to insert correctly but sometimes still fails.
  • Be sure to check visually to make sure the inserts are at the correct length from the open tip.
  • And do a pull test on the cable to see if it's locked in.
  • I don't recommend locking connectors in pairs because doing so requires that both cables be of the same length. If they are not, one wire will have excess strain. Combining more than 2 cables would compound the issue. Better to play it safe and keep to single wires.