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New Robot Cart - do we need one?

Started by Louis L, April 24, 2018, 05:02:05 PM

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Louis L

Some have expressed a desire to build a new robot cart to replace the existing one. If we are to do this, we need to justify doing so and also make sure the changes are an improvement and address the deficiencies of the current cart.


The current cart is our second gen cart. The first gen was a piece of plywood drapped over the 4 ft dolly that was custom made for each robot. Standoffs on the plywood supported the robot. Since the robot was different every year, the standoffs were rebuilt each year to fit the robot. The standoffs allowed the robot to be "driven" while on the cart without going anywhere. They were also not very secure and didn't last very long.

The current cart has been in service for at least 4 years (that I can remember). Some of the goals addressed by this version of the cart included:

  • no pneumatic wheels (on old cart) to lose air
  • a place to carry batteries
  • folding design so it can be more easily transported if necessary
  • Securely hold robot
If you think a new cart is needed, please post why, what features are necessary, and any specifics about the build.