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Robot Name!

Started by Louis L, January 17, 2016, 09:45:18 PM

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Louis L

Let's be creative!
What can we name our robot this year? Do we use a Stronghold theme? Monty Python? Redshift related?

Kyle S

Vache lanceur (cow thrower)

All the names I've heard s
o far

Pablo C

I'll make a poll later if you guys want.

Other suggestions I've Heard:

Macaulay Culkin
confuse a cat ltd.

Kyle S

Matt B

Here is a poll of some names, I will likely be using the winner in a robot reveal video.

Kyle S

Hey! Another name idea!

Megan K

Louis L

We need a robot name.
And it's not Wumbo.

Let's be serious about this

Louis L

Official Final Name:
   Lupus Interfector