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Started by Ryan L, January 17, 2016, 10:41:07 PM

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Ryan L

We've mostly come up with the design, with a few things still yet to be worked out
What we've determined:
-Arm length
-Pivot point
-attachment method
-method of pulling back
-what spring(s) we're using
-rough idea of pulling mechanism
What we've yet to determine
-specifications for spring moving
--(by this i mean how we're making the shooter able to shoot different heights, which right now looks like its going to be through moving the spring to change the force of the pull)
-exact placement of the pulling mechanism
-exact dimensions of the pulling mechanism
-majority of the rotational mechanism, which will need to be worked on with the chassis crew (also hasn't really been started, just ideas right now)

What we've done

-We've done minimal work on the arms (but they're started)

-Cut supports once we decide on the metal
-finish arm & ball mount
-decide on variability method/implementation
-finalize locations
--this pretty much means finish cad

I think thats it! I'll add to this if i remember anything else.


Ryan L

Soooo today i was alone, but i got a whole bunch of progress! (sorta)
-started on the loading mechanism:
-found out a few more measurements for the design
-cut a bunch of things
-filed a bunch of things
-made progress!

Ok the important part: what needs to be done tomorrow, because i won't be there
-whoever is here tomorrow needs to start on the shooter supports, which i will also be mentioning in email. I'll give cad team the cad that you need to make, just cut out the two pieces and, well, we'll go from there.
-start to design the ball holder- what will actually hold the ball to the arm (its basically a circle that goes around the perimeter of the ball, but not at its widest point (farther down) If you have any questions (and i'm sure you will) email me, i should be on my computer :P

Yayyyyyy :D :D :D

Louis L

Please see my post titled "sideways boulder catapult" in the Strategy (....) section of the forum. It directly affects the catapult (but is also about game play and strategy).

Ryan L

Yeahhhhhh 'cause that's going to happen

(i mean it could but... *sigh*)


Ryan L

Alright... So we did some stuff.. sorta
lets see...
we talked, we kinda did some design stuff, we talked a bit and

oh wait we cut two pieces of metal, for the supports for the shooter itself
attempted to figure out rotation
attempted to determine placement


drilling holes
reaming holes? depends if we have the tools
more design (i know my group loves designing things and not pushing it back for later)
even more design
finishing pulling mech,
yeah. thats pretty much it

More moving stuff!!!!!! :) ;) :) ;) :)

Ed B

Ok, lots of words here, but it tells me very little about what steps are needed before we see boulders flying off of the thing. Writing down the steps will help you make progress.

What questions need to be answered?  (design)

What parts need to be made?  What needs to be assembled?

What hat needs to be tested and calibrated?

What needs to happen to put it on the robot?

You need a list of these things you can check off as you go so you know how well you are doing and whether you are going to be able to do it all in time.

Sarah A

I get what you're saying and I agree. So far, our list of things we need to do is pretty jumbled and we don't really have a timeline for anything. I guess the next time we meet, we should make a clear to-do list and make sure everyone in our group is on board with what we need to do and what the shooter looks like so far. If I come in tomorrow, I'll take on this job and write it all down on either the forum or a sheet of paper. Whatever works best...  :)

Megan K


I worked on the CAD model of the shooter with what Ryan gave me.  I will finish assembling the piece the next time I am in (Tomorrow (Thursday) or Sunday).

Cool. Peace  8)

Ryan L

So I'll try to spend a bit longer on my posts :)

So for the past few days we havn't made a huge amount of progress on the shooter, just a bit here and there, as follows: The base is mostly done, and by mostly done i mean it is done, everything else just needs to be mounted on it. The arms themselves (not the part that holds the ball) are finished except for two holes for attaching the pulling mechanism, which we have the measurements for, but i do not have them on hand right now (i'll have them tomorrow). The pulling mechanism is started, and really only needs to be attached at this point, but we do have a few things to consider (which i know havn't come up much in discussion in the workshop) involving how we're detecting when it is fully loaded (I talked with stephen very briefly today about that, but no real decision). The adjustable spring I think we're going to ignore for now, and once we get the rest of it working and testable, we can determine if we even need a variable shooter. Lastly, the rotation of the shooter has been talked about, and we had some ideas about using a snowblower motor, but that would require driving it at low speeds, at which we're losing a lot of the power we need. Ed mentioned something very quickly at the end of the meeting about talking about it tomorrow. Oh, and I also made a quick To-Do list (sorry sarah you weren't there, but it's not impressive and could most likely be redone).

Here's all that information in a different format:
Progress breakdown by individual component
Base: pretty much done, waiting on everything else
Arm: nearly done, just needs to mount puller and holder
Holder: still looking at options for how to hold the ball
Puller: need to mount, waiting for parts (need to work on mounting soon)
Spring: need to mount, variability pushed off until we can determine if we really need it.
Rotation: started, but I know it will be re-designed soon

There's one last thing I need to talk about
Sensors - this is for you electrical and software
What we want:
-some sort of sensor for detecting a ball in the holder-> I was thinking about using an optical sensor
-some way of determining turret rotation angle-> pot.
-some way of determining whether the puller has pulled back far enough, but making sure it does not pull back too far-> optical, limit switches, pot, reed switches, really mostly anything works here, the real question is to what degree of precision we want.
-If we have a variable shooter, we need a way of finding that angle too- another pot?

This is all i've time to write today, I'll add more if i find out that i forgot something

~Ryan L

Megan K

Continued on the assembly for the shooter. I'm almost done as far as what Ryan has given me. I'll get a ton more done tomorrow night. (CAD people can find the assembly in the Dropbox)

I learned that the "temp" is the enemy...


Megan K

The base of the shooter is done in CAD. Since the design is changing, I will add to it when Ryan tells me to.

Megan K

Just following along Ryan's progress with the shooter. -CAD

Ryan L

Sorry for the long break in posts, been a bit busy
Things have changed with the shooter, the major things are as follows:
- No more bowl: this was awhile ago but we have decided to (and completed) arms for the ball holder
- No more coil spring: we are now using three vulcan springs, two at 16 pounds and 1 40 pound spring: around 70lbs of force
As for how far through implementation:
-Shooter mounting to chassis is started
-Arms are mounted
-Springs are mounted
-Pulling mechanism is changing, again, because we need a stronger motor/gearbox: moving to using a minicim. which means more weight

Also an update on testing:
We tested the shooter yesterday, and did not get high enough to make the goal
today we added the 40 lb spring as mentioned above and now it works wonderfully, and we've tested on the goal and it is at a perfect height when the shooter's stop is at 40 degrees. So we have a working, tested shooter. now it just needs to be able to be activated by the robot.

Cant write any more right now, have to leave

~Ryan L

Megan K

Alright, I've totally organized the Dropbox files for the shooter. I'm a lot more organized and I hope the rest of the CAD team follows (cough cough Peter and Kyle)
The Shooter is separated in two assemblies (base and the actual shooter)
I won't be in tomorrow, so I'll continue working on shooter stuff Monday. Also, I will help with Intake and Chassis if those leaders don't show up.

Stay awesome!

:) ;) :D ;D >:( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(

Megan K

The shooter is mounted on the CAD chassis!