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Bill of Materials

Started by Louis L, January 17, 2016, 08:19:23 PM

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Louis L

Here's our bill of materials.
It's easier to enter details while they are still fresh in your mind. Please add as necessary.
Where = chassis, shooter, climber, intake, electrical

Item  Source  Where  Qty
AM14U3  KOP  Chassis  1
CIM  KOP  Chassis  4
Jason 755-5m-15 HTD belt  Drive belt from Motion Industries  Chassis  2
AM-0801 long hex output shaft  AndyMark  Chassis  2
AM-0970 8-inch pneumatic wheel  AndyMark  Chassis  6
AM-2813 42-tooth pulley extension  AndyMark  Chassis  2
AM-0207A 250-procket and pulley spacer  AndyMark  Chassis  8
Talon SRX  2 from KOP, 2 from AndyMark  Chassis  4

Louis L

The full BOM has been moved to a Google spreadsheet, which is a whole lot easier to edit than these tables.
When done, we'll turn it into a real document and put it back in here.