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Work Groups

Started by Ed B, January 16, 2016, 05:37:24 PM

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Ed B

These are the hardware work groups for the 2016 build.

Mechanical - There are four work groups organized around the main systems.  Minor systems, sensor attachment, etc, will be done by members of these groups as available.

  • Boulder Acquisition

    • Jameel (leader)
    • Aliza
    • Elise
    • Pablo
    • Stav
  • Boulder Catapult

    • Ryan (leader)
    • Sarah
    • Isha
    • Dan K
    • Mohamed
  • Robot Base

    • Zach (leader)
    • Paige
    • Eric
    • Wonjae
    • Aidan
  • Climber

    • Anthony W (leader)
    • Ben
    • Dhruv
    • Dan A

Electrical/Control System - Mount control system components and wire the systems together.  Sensors specific to mechanical systems, like encoders, limit switches, potentiometers, etc, are the responsibility of the mechanical team, as are motor controllers that are physically co-located with the motors they drive. The electrical team is also responsible for the programming test board.

  • Brayden (leader)
  • Drew
  • Shreya
  • Anthony C