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Algorithm For Shooter Targeting

Started by Saty E, January 21, 2016, 05:41:58 PM

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Saty E

So Matt Spofford and I worked out a basic algorithm for targeting the shooter. It's still a WIP, so feel free to add anything below.

1. If goal found, tell user, and check that auto targeting is enabled. If not, inform user to enable auto targeting
2. Once auto targeting is enabled, move the shooter to the position such that the vision target is centered in the camera's frame
3. Once centered, prompt the user to shoot.

Louis L

Here's what I have on the shooting algorithm.

A few take-aways as I went through that exercise.

  • Integration with the UI is important. Think about what the UI needs to give/get to/from the roboRio
  • Think about use-cases. How will this be used?
  • Think about faults. What happens when things don't work out as planned?