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Chairman's Award Info

Started by Vanshika C, January 25, 2016, 02:16:42 PM

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Vanshika C

Progress so far:

  • First draft for the essay is done. We are going to be reviewing the comments from the mentors and editing it to add more information about the team; one of or goals for this is to add more qualitative data i.e. stories from team members and mentors so we might come around to talk to people about that -- Will be done by the end of the week definitely
  • Executive summaries need to be started. We will try to get those done as soon as possible but I can't be sure when. I will update with an ETA today or tomorrow.
  • Other awards: this week we will begin discussing the UI for Arcadia with Pranav...more info coming soon 

Goals for this week:
Finish chairman's essay!
Start executive summaries.

*subject to change*

Megan K

I heard Shreya and Vanshika run through the Chairman's award today! Awesome job!