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Talking points

Started by Louis L, March 08, 2016, 10:37:58 PM

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Louis L

Here's a list of talking points about our 2016 team. I've grouped things into categories.

Educate (Preseason prep for new students)

  • Learn new fabrication skills
  • Learn how to program
  • Learn about FIRST
Apply (Features of the robot)

  • Build to last. Make it robust to survive many matches.
  • Multi-lingual. Program in 3 languages in parallel.
  • Improve safety all around.
  • Use vision for auto-shot (if it we get to test it)
Compete (Features for competition)

  • heads-up display for easier driver use
  • instant-reverse - swap back and front, with dual cameras to make driving easier

  • Open house. We had a major sponsor come to see our work.
  • Scouting software to be put into public domain after we make sure it works!
  • Pit kiosk (arcadia) and projector to disseminate information.