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Uses for Arcadia
« on: January 29, 2016, 11:29:08 AM »
We can do a lot of different things with Arcadia. John, Pranav, Brad and I talked about a bunch of possibilities; not only for Arcadia but also for the Pit in general. Here are some thoughts.
  • Team & Award related information - what we did in various areas that we are proud of and want judges to know about. Examples include safety, community, fund raising, software, hardware, CAD, pit, imagery.
  • Our sponsors - who are they and what can we say about them.
  • Our team - videos and stills of the team at work. Testimonials. Former team members and where they are now.
  • Our robots - pictures of past machines
  • Stronghold robot (needs name) - what are its features (ease of use via automation, dual-headed operation, solid construction)
  • Scouting software - white paper for concept
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