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Started by Zach G, January 16, 2016, 04:38:45 PM

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Zach G


Wonjae set up the first half of the chassis and we are trying to get the correct length for the churros.
the chassis is theoretically we just  need to put it together and fix Andymarks mistakes

Eric A


We cut the remaining three churros and put one half together to see if everything was evenly spaced and if we needed to change the spacers at all. It looked like we would need to correct some issues regarding the width of the spacers on all three axles.

Zach G


Basic frame Chassis parts are in and we have completed the chassis. We may need to change a few things in future.

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Aidan A

Today we finished the main chassis. We just have to do some fine tuning.

Megan K

CAD is currently assembling the Chassis. The wedge is already in.

Zach G

Started to attach the Wedge peice

Zach G


Finished wedge

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Zach G


Building bumpers. Finding a way to attach bumpers to chassis

Megan K

The shooter and scissor lift are mounted on the chassis, and they move!!!! Now for intake...

Zach G

Bumpers are done, painted, and attached

Megan K

CAD's next task is to animate the robot. It will take a while, considering how much time is takes to edit the assembly.