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Spare parts

Started by Louis L, February 23, 2016, 12:27:04 AM

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Louis L

Please make a list of spare parts here. I'll be ordering them soon.

Zach G

Chassis Team
Pneumatic wheels-a few
14 1/4" * 29 3/4" polycarbate skid plate

Louis L

Is that in addition to the 2 churo stock pieces I bought originally ? (only 1 was needed for the chassis but I got 2)

Ryan L

Spare gear box (for shooter/climber) vulcan springs (which you already know about)

Louis L

Status of spare parts:

Andymark - 2 x pneumatic wheel kit, 2 inner tubes
BaneBot - 1 x P80 gearbox
DigiKey - 10 limit switches
Vulcan Springs - 5 springs
Adafruit - 5mm optical sensor pair