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Media to project against the back wall of the pit

Started by Louis L, March 01, 2016, 01:59:55 PM

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Louis L

We need to assemble media that's good for projection. The pit ranges in size from 8 to 10 ft (9x9 at WPI. 10x10 at RI this year) The effective height of the media will be 4 ft max (starting about 6 ft above ground level to the max height of a pit at 10 ft (depends on venue. WPI has a real ceiling in the pits whereas other venues don't have en effective ceiling).

The projection will happen at an angle and will be keystoned via host software. This makes playback of real-time video problematic due to the high frame rate. Media needs to have motion (or else no one will read them!) and each segment should not last more than one minute. Therefore I propose that we use something like a powerpoint (or equivalent) slide format.

Let's see if we can feed this signal straight into Arcadia so it can be seen there as well. Also, if we do play any videos, the speakers in arcadia can be used to for audio (at a low volume to conform with pit rules).

Here is a list of content we need to assemble.

  • A template with a small Redshift logo (maybe use the old round button logo). This becomes the common background for all slides.
  • The big Redshift banner we have - put that up every now.
  • A showcase of our sponsors; grouped by sponsorship level. These can scroll right to left or bottom to top. Use full company logos in color. One minute max time.
  • Core philosophy - let the students do the work, let them drive, let them learn. Aim high, land softly.
  • Our 2016 season - what we do in the course of a season. Prep new students, off-season comp, classes, practice.
  • Basic information about out team - rookie year (2012) and pictures of annual robot. Also basic info including the number of students.
  • Specifics about our robot this year (we need a name for the robot!). Branding. Robustness, software, driver station
  • Pictures of our team (mostly from this year).
  • Community activities. Draw from prior years as well.
  • Profile on safety - what's new this year. Theme "The healthy roboteer". Focus not only on safety in mechanical working with robots but also in terms of mental and physical health (everything from having fun & relaxing, to team events like laser tag and watching Holy Grail, to stocking shoelaces!).
  • If we can get video working - a sampling of videos. These include making shots, driving, and of course fun stuff.

Shreya C

My ideas for the video that we can project on the back wall of the pit:

  • Marquee of Redshift 4048
  • Chairman's Video
  • Sponsors
  • Walkthrough video of the robot; each system would be explained in detail - don't know if we'd go through the electrical systems and code too, but it would at least suffice in case judges walk by and there's no one around
  • pictures of us working and/or having fun
  • Safety animation video

My suggestion: have a playlist of the safety animation video, chairman's/walkthrough vid (if we can get the footage done in time), sponsors. That would cover all our bases... and look really cool!
Michelle and I weren't sure whether we should go for audio or closed captioning... I think closed captioning, because people may not be able to hear the videos over all the other noise in the pit.

Louis L

Tkx. John already started a presentation outline andwith any luck I'll be working on it today. In terms of actual content keep in mind that anything with sound should be used because there are no speakers. But they can be used on arcadia which does have sound. So we pick and choose what is shown where.