Author Topic: Remaining to-do items leading up to WPI District Event  (Read 3128 times)

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Remaining to-do items leading up to WPI District Event
« on: March 02, 2016, 03:56:12 PM »
This list will be constantly changing.

Wed -
  • (Yes) Ask Jerry if we can mark off the cafe and/or set up the playing field for use on sat
  • (List is made) Who is traveling on Day0 - make list.
  • (Design is done and ready for printing) Review button design.
  • (Reviewed; Veronica to update) Review Standard design
  • (Done) Continue to debug camera switching under LabVIEW
  • (Laptop obtained but not connected) get laptop for arcadia use, install MAME and games. Connect to monitor and test
  • (Done) review safety brochure, finalize.
Thu -
  • (Done) Make Standard structure (PVC, metal or wood?). See spec.
  • Make Standard banner. Must be something flexible, per spec.
  • (started) Assemble and debug robot cart
  • Get still images of our robot, and/or parts of it. Let's ignore animated movement for now. Use these in our pit media.
  • wire up climber
  • debug climber hardware and software
  • (Done) file rotary switch mounting plate
  • (Done) take "I want you" picture
Fri -
  • (Done) Detach tower head from remaining structure.
  • (Done) Figure out all dimensions to lay out the field.
  • (Done) Get masking/painting tape to create field.
  • (Done) Print button papers
  • (Done) Spare parts - replacement P80 gearbox needs to be greased and "broken-in"
Sat -
  • (Partial) Autonomous tuning - drive time, turning angle.
  • (Will not be done) Auto-shot testing.
  • (Started) Make buttons
  • (Done) practice scouting
  • test if we can inflate tires easily
Sun - day off!
  • (Done) get materials for driver station build
  • (Done) collect material for John to use for background projection
Mon -
  • (Done) Driver station - get parts for HUD
  • Driver station build - add cover. Add HUD.
  • Get permission slips out (or earlier)
  • car pool too.
  • send out all competition related info from WPI (if any)
  • pit team - practice talking to judges
  • Send out info about Event to "news"
  • Can we protect intake?
  • (Almost done) Finish Robot cart testing
  • (Done) Create "I Want You" poster design
  • (Done) Create Sponsors poster design

Tue -
  • (Still need to install on backup driver stations) update all software on driver stations (including backups)
  • (Done) charge helmet batteries
  • update BOM one more time
  • (Done) Take the 2 poster designs to Staples
  • need sound for robot cart
  • (Done) Drew - how will you keep track of batteries?

Wed -
  • Robot Access to install climber
  • test climber
  • Take picture of robot if we have time
  • inspection checklist
  • Assemble Day0 team. How will they travel to WPI?
  • Mount second camera
  • finish BOM - one last look at robot.
  • Collect permission slips
  • Start packing
  • Practice Q&A with pit team, present chairman's award

Thu -
  • Pack for travel
  • charge all batteries
  • give out t-shirts
  • Matt B - get camera from library?
Fri -
  • Off to WPI - Day 0!
Ongoing -

Unscheduled -
  • (Done) print copies of safety handout
  • get safety handout materials, assemble everything
  • Spy - what information to convey? What physical materials to we need?
  • arcadia - content, etc. Lots here.
  • (Found) where is button circle cutter?
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