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Thoughts on Stronghold

Started by Louis L, January 16, 2016, 10:31:02 PM

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Louis L

We spent the better part of 2 days discussing what we want to accomplish on the field of play. Here are some thoughts; not in any order.

There are 2 basic goals - score points to win the match; and get ranking points. Winning the match yields 2 ranking points. A tie is 1 ranking point. But capturing the tower and breaching the defenses also yield a ranking point each. So the most ranking points you can get in a match is 4.

There are 9 defenses, one of which (the low bar) is fixed. The other 4 must come from 1 each of 4 categories. There are 2 defenses in each category. If our robot was to single handedly defeat the defenses, it would have to take on either all 8 defenses in the 4 categories, or 3 categories (6 defenses) plus the fixed low bar.

The high and low goal each reduce the strength of the tower but the high goal is worth 3 more points. So we should take the shot for the high goal but if we miss the high goal, just push the ball into the low goal and take a notch out of the tower strength. But like all things about this game, there are tradeoffs that the drive team needs to consider case by case. For instance, if the match is really close and time is short and the tower is still pretty strong, then maybe aiming for the high goal to get 5 instead of 2 points is the right move because lowering the tower's strength doesn't buy us anything.