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Windows 10 update

Started by Louis L, April 12, 2016, 03:59:35 PM

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Louis L

Thinking ahead to the post-season, what things do we need to do in the very near future?

One thing on my mind is to upgrade our Win-7 computers to Win-10. The one year free upgrade period expires July 29, 2016. We should upgrade all of our systems -

  • the 7 Dell software laptops
  • the 2 Toughbook laptops
  • maybe the 1 old Dell laptop if it's possible (not sure what OS it is running)
Another item is to replace the disk drive in the bad Dell laptop. See if it'll boot long enough to clone its image to a new drive. We should first try to ghost its image to another spare drive before buying a replacement laptop drive (the assumption here is that we have a spare drive, say a desktop drive, but would need to buy a laptop drive for actual use. It wouldn't make sense to buy the laptop drive if we don't know if the ghosting would work in the first place).

Louis L

Update - The 7 Dell laptops and 2 Toughbooks have been updated to Windows 10. LabView seems to crash when left running for a while; next season's version should take care of this. The old Dell will remain at Vista (or whatever it has).