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2013 Robot (U-Turn) Information

Started by Saty E, May 03, 2016, 08:17:38 PM

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Saty E

Driver control is two joystick, tank drive.

Operator Controls:
Button 6 - Stop shooter motor
Button 8 - Start shooter motor, shoots one, press again to shoot
Button 5 - Raise shooter as long as you hold it
Button 7 - Lower shooter, press once, it starts lowering, press raise button again to stop it.
---------All other buttons on the operator controller are useless, but just in case-------------
Button 10 - Aims for the high goal
Button 9 - Aims for the middle goal
Button 4 - Don't know what this does, seems to be deprecated.

Have fun, don't break the robot!

Saty E

Servo that controls two of the arms in the frisbee loader was replaced on 5/3/2016