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Post NE-CMP things to do

Started by Louis L, April 19, 2016, 03:04:40 PM

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Louis L

Our next major event is BattleCry 17 on May 21-22 at WPI. Here are some things we can do leading up to BC17

  • New drive teams should practice, practice, practice! [Done]
  • Get carpeting used by FIRST. We need this to test vision code on a real surface. In theory we shouldn't have to do this but in practice we need to tune the way the robot moves (speed, duration) while it turns to shoot the boulder.
  • Take robot portrait. We don't have one yet.
  • Order medal and pins (us) and trophies (replace broken ones for 2168) [received package, give out on 5/20/16]
  • Team party - when/where?
  • Update kiosk. A list of team accomplishments would be a good place to start. Update the Mission Statement.
  • Post videos to team youtube channel. [NECMP videos posted, other TBD]
  • Post pictures to team Facebook account.
  • Spring Festival is May 7 [Done]
  • School Committee Meeting - May 11 [Done]
  • Thank you gift for sponsors
  • 1/2inch ID flanged bearing for T-Hawks [Done]
  • questionaire for NEfirst about Fall comp [Steve C forwarded my survey to NE teams, results collected]
  • LabVIEW - how to use test mode?
  • C++/Java - how to run parallel LabVIEW vision code? [no longer needed; Java and C++ will run GRIP on host]
  • LabVIEW - how much time does it take to read quad encoder? Is there a fix for sampling loop with this read?
  • Create Student Handbook - collect ideas for inclusion
  • Plan - Post-season, Off-season, Pre-next-season competition in the Fall. Send out survey. Plan way ahead. Form committee.
  • Repair / Replace worn parts on robot. [Done]