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2016 Schedule- Mechanical Team

Started by Chris P, January 22, 2016, 08:04:42 PM

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Chris P

This is the section where I (we) will discuss the progress of the Mechanical team. ;D

Chris P

As of now (1/22/2016), here are the standings of each of the sub-groups of the mechanical team:

Shooter- Working on the design and implementation of the shooting mechanism on the chassis
Scaling- Currently still designing and testing out ideas
Intake- Working on a design with a current prototype
Chassis- The main parts of the chassis (frame, gearbox, motors) are assembled and awaiting further instruction

There are about 3 weeks and some days left for the mechanical team to finish building. Hopefully, we can hope to finish building much earlier than other years *fingers crossed*.
Because we are using the design and build method this year for our mechanical team, I'm not very aware of the deadlines that the team has planned yet.

Chris P

So far, all of the individual elements of the robot (shooter, chassis, intake, and scaling) need to be completed by February 1st (1/1/16).

The reason that these need to be completed is because we have yet to talk about the robot's integration. Since, our mechanical team is divided this year, there hasn't been much talk between each sub group of the mechanical teams to make sure everything fits on the robot.

On the big calendar, I have filled up the whole schedule so far and there are set deadlines when basic things need to be done.

For the most part, I have left it up to the mechanical sub-groups to determine how they are going to finish their piece on their own schedule. If the teams finish their part at least by the deadline set, everything should run smoothly. *Fingered Crossed*