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Lay-out/Organization...Where do we put everything?!

Started by Shreya C, July 20, 2016, 10:25:41 PM

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Shreya C

What we've discussed so far:

  • Pits will be in smaller gym, field will be in the larger gym

    • Things we need to get for the field:

      • LOTS of tape of various colors (green, white, light grey)
      • Extra pins for defenses -- can use bolts as alternatives -- ask Ryan for more information
      • Power! How much do we have available, do we need extra extension cords and power outlets, where will the central lines be, etc. Ask Brian Callaghan.

        • How do we get conduits, how much will they cost? Can we make them ourselves?

      • Tables: for pit admin, safety glasses, pits, etc.
  • Load-in

    • Through elevator? Where do they load-in? Other such details
  • Trashcans and recycling bins...how do we get them, where do we put them, etc.?
  • Signs - must look good, not too flashy; should we borrow FIRST signs or make or own? --> Also need signs for the pits
  • Stands: how many to open? All or half? Will we still have space for the field?
  • Where should first aid items (in case a spectator or team member gets injured) be located?
  • Make sure we have enough parking spots!
  • Need to do a walkthru of where everything will be